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Heritage Meat Shop

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Heritage Meat Shop Heritage Meat Shop

Courtesy of Heritage Meat Shop

Heritage Meat Shop is an outstanding butcher in the Essex Street Market and the first storefront for the popular Brooklyn based online retailer. The company is known as a purveyor of fresh heirloom meats and charcuterie, all of which are cured, butchered or trimmed in house at the new shop. The display cases are filled with perfectly marbled steaks, chops, racks, shanks and more, including secondary cuts that can be difficult to find anywhere else. Heritage Meat is particularly noted for turkey products, which are raised naturally at specialty farms. The company carries a number of rare varieties of the poultry, including Bourbon Red, Narragansett and Jersey Buff, which are actually considered endangered farm animals. The butcher’s inventory also includes other heirloom meats not typically carried at similar establishments, such as Red Wattle or Berkshire pork and Katahdin lamb. Visitors will find a number of exotic cuts at the Lower East Side storefront, such as bison, goat and guinea hens. The wonderful cured charcuterie selection is available in freshly made sandwiches, which make great options at lunchtime. The accommodating and expert staff goes to great lengths to fill customers’ requests, even special ordering products not readily on hand. Heritage Meat Shop’s merchandise is frequently used by celebrated chefs like Mario Batali and has been featured in Serious Eats, Edible Manhattan and The New York Times. 120 Essex Street, Manhattan. (212) 539-1111

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