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Newtown Creek Nature Walk

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Newtown Creek Nature Walk Newtown Creek Nature Walk

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The Newtown Creek Nature Walk is a public waterfront park and walking trail in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that is widely considered one of New York City’s most unique outdoor activities. The site was designed by environmental sculpture artist George Trakas, in conjunction with the city’s Department of Environmental Protection, in an effort to upgrade the area surrounding the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. Over the years, the northern Brooklyn waterfront had become severely polluted, and by 2010 the creek was designated as a Federal Superfund Site. With clean-up efforts underway, the city approved an expansion of the sewage treatment facility promising the local community access to the water as a concession for development. The Newtown Creek Nature Walk now serves as that access point. Attempting to bridge the industrial and natural features of the landscape, Trakas integrates the facilities of the treatment complex and commercial shoreline into the landscape of the trail. Along the quarter mile walk, visitors will encounter vistas of local infrastructure such as an asphalt factory and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, juxtaposed against plantings of native species of trees, shrubs and wildflowers. A number of interesting elements were built into the pathway, including a Fragrance Garden, seven large granite disks inscribed with Lenape words in honor of the native tribe and a massive granite shipping bollard etched with a map of the creek’s original watershed. One of the most interesting segments of the walk is enclosed by bowed walls that are studded by porthole windows intended to be reminiscent of the neighborhood’s shipbuilding history. A large stairway leads directly into the water and serves as one of several boat launches on the site. These imaginative elements make the Newtown Creek Nature Walk one of the city’s most unusual promenades. The Newtown Creek Nature Walk is located at the dead end of Paidge Street near 91 Paidge Street, Brooklyn.    http://www.newtowncreekalliance.org/

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